Born in the Dolomites in Italy in 1936, John Hablitschek was to be the next generation in a long line of artists, which can be traced back to the Seventeenth Century.

John spent the first 15 years of his life living in the mountains in South Tyrol. His father, a well-known Architect and artist, noticed that one of his six children was very good with his hands and had an artistic flair. So he decided to encourage this and to one day send the boy to art school. However with money being tight, John's father decided to send him away at the age of fifteen to learn a trade. John then spent the next 3 years learning the craft of fine furniture making.

During those years, he harbored a secret desire to go into show business. So in 1955, having completed his apprenticeship and having the urge to travel, John joined the Italian Circus "Tony". Three weeks later, one of the clowns died, and, after a few auditions, John made his debut as second clown, riding around the ring on a hippopotamus in the grand parade. For the next 12 months, John traveled all over Italy in a caravan, learning the art of clowning. After leaving the Circus Tony, he holidays in France and on return to Milan he decided (for a laugh) to audition for the German circus Kroner. They offered him a job for a month helping the artists to get their props ready. The next big break in his circus career came when one of the jugglers, with whom John became a good friend, wanted him to assist with his act. So for the next 2 years John toured Austria, Italy and Germany. And during that time he kept up his trade by building props and doing jobs outside the circus. John also had a thirst for knowledge and when he could find the time would enroll in the odd short art course along the way. After his stint with Circus Kroner, and feeling the need to stay in one place for a while John spent a year restoring antique furniture in Germany.

The urge to travel hit again. In 1960 John found himself in Australia and at the age of 24. John liked what he saw, so he stayed.

In 1962, realising he needed to express himself artistically, John decided to become an artist. He decided he needed a background in basic design, so he enrolled into the East Sydney Technical College (known at the time as The National Art School) where he studied Architecture, Interior Design and Sculpture for the next six years.

In 1964 John had his first one man show at the Aladdin gallery in Sydney. This show stimulated much interest and over the years, had several other exhibitions His unique examples of enameled sculpture, murals and jewellery found a ready International market through buyers in Asia, America and Europe which he followed up with several more successful exhibitions in galleries all over Australia

From 1969 to 1976 John worked exclusively on a collection Gemstone murals while in 1970 the Royal visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth the II, Brought royal recognition to John's work. Two examples of his Gemstone murals were selected by the then Australian government on behalf of the people of Australia as gifts for her son and daughter, their royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Princess Anne.

Since then from the early 1980s onwards John has mainly concentrated on creating and selling his unique style of jewellery both localy and internationally. His love of working with natural materials has brought about his own innovations in jewellery design.. Whether it is a shell, pearl or gemstone each piece becomes a unique blend of beauty and nature and like nature no two are alike.

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